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Author Topic: Tried something with my new Danley SM100  (Read 1095 times)

John Halliburton

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Tried something with my new Danley SM100
« on: April 28, 2017, 08:54:35 am »

Last weekend I had a nice show in our 650 seat theater space with Trian, a trio of legendary Irish musicians-Liz Carroll on fiddle, Daithe Sproule on guitar and vocals, and Billy McComiskey on accordion. 

I used my regular setup of late-two SPL TD-1 over one JTR Orbit Shifter on each side.  Coverage is nearly perfect, even to the balcony seats.  The subs were mostly there for show, and stack height, although my opener had cello and bodhran(with a nice deep sound).

What I did differently was put an SM100 on top of each stack.  My original intent was to just give it the same mix and compare them, in spite of some huge differences in output ability.  Coverage is also wider by about 10-15% horizontally, and 30-40% vertically.

First, it was impressive how well the SM100 could be heard at the back row, 75' from the stage.  Next,  they made nice near fills for upfront from that position.

The cool thing was when, during soundcheck, I was adjusting Daithi's vocal in the mix, which needed boosting by his own admission due to some hoarseness I think due to a cold or other creeping crud.  I decided just to add his vocal in the SM100 mix and bring it up into the total mix...and voila, lovely enhanced, articulate vocals nicely spread all over the venue, without sounding like they were being ridden over the mix.  Very natural sound.  Very surprising how the two sets of speakers played with each other.

Dave Unger was helping me out for the show, and was also impressed. 

The show was great, and we both liked how the system sounded for the show.  A lot.

Apparently so did everyone else-many nice compliments from audience members(including lots of friends and family of Liz, who is from Chicago), and from the musicians themselves. 

Money channel speakers, not a new concept.

Best regards,


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Tried something with my new Danley SM100
« on: April 28, 2017, 08:54:35 am »

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