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Karl Winkler:
Another learning opportunity is coming up this weekend in the form of an online series of classes (live) with the option to also get the recordings and class materials.

Nathan Lively of Sound Design Live is putting this together, and I'm one of several instructors on the roster:


Blake Cerenzia:

--- Quote from: alex.cerutti on March 08, 2017, 02:52:39 PM ---Hi All, can anyone please point me in the direction of some good books, videos, or web site to improve my understanding wireless audio please, im talking about everything from the electronics and how it works to RF gain structure and antenna design and use, and everything in between.


--- End quote ---

Hey Alex,

'" has some fantastic publications on wireless to get you started. These guys used to have a pretty neat consulting A/V firm and their owner Jim Brown wrote some great stuff!

They go into quite a lot of depth (which it sounds like you want) and can be very informative:

Wireless Mics and the Audio Professional:

Wireless Mics and Digital Television:

Karl Winkler:
For anyone going to the NAMM show in Anaheim (tomorrow through Sunday) there are some RF related panels & classes as part of the AES Academy program on Saturday:

Karl Winkler:
With some general wireless and audio topics along with specific Lectrosonics training information, we've just announced "Lectro U" online classes:



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