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Large Venue SI


Sheldon Gooi:
I've got a client wants to do Simultaneous Interpretation for up to 4000 people in an audience of 8000 in a large ballroom (abput 60m x 95m).

They mentioned they've previously bought the receivers and given them away to delegates. Sounds to me like an FM solution.

Anyone got some ideas for me to explore? The ballroom is about 10m High, and during the event, it breaks up into 3 separate rooms, and sometimes combined rooms. So their plan is to have 4 booths per room (4 languages) for when it is breakouts, then use the centre set of booths for when the room is combined.


Brad Weber:
Sounds like an RF or IR system with tunable receivers might be a good solution.  Listen Technologies, Sennheiser, Brahler, Bosch/Philips and Danish Interpretation Systems are some of the brands I've used or looked at for multiple channel interpretation, although there are numerous other manufacturers of SI systems that could also probably handle twelve channels.


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