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Author Topic: QSC Q-SYS UCI Tiered access  (Read 991 times)

Adam Kane

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QSC Q-SYS UCI Tiered access
« on: February 08, 2017, 12:03:09 pm »

I have an application that requires a few different UCI's allowing varying levels of control for different users from the single TSC-7 touch-screen. I have created the different UCI's and have named them (for the sake of argument) FOH Tech, General User, and Guest user (ordered from most control to least). In the Administrator, I have created the three users (each with their own PIN) and have allowed them access to their respective UCI's. Under the inventory pane for the TSC-7, I have the UCI assignment set as "dynamic."

However, when you drag the TSC-7 "Status/Control" component into the design, there is a combo box that requires you to select a specific UCI. Which ever of the three UCI's is selected here is the only one accessible from the TSC-7. If I enter the PIN for the user assigned to the UCI that is selected in that box, it takes me to the proper UCI. If I enter in a PIN for one of the other users, it bounces me right back to the "enter PIN" page. So, based on this, I would need a separate TSC-7 for each user, which would require PIN entry to gain access to which ever UCI is assigned to that particular screen. Am I missing something? Or is there no way to walk up to a screen, enter the PIN for the desired UCI, and go to work?
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Jeff Baumgartner

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Re: QSC Q-SYS UCI Tiered access
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2017, 04:39:03 pm »

Contact Q-SYS Support. You can do it via scripting and they should be able to send it to you.
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