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Neil White:

--- Quote from: Ray Aberle on March 01, 2017, 09:11:23 AM ---(Since I haven't gone back and read the features list since getting my first hands-on experience with Flex, I'm hoping this wasn't already covered! :) )

--- End quote ---

I would definitely not judge Flex solely on your experience with this company, they seem to have a poorly configured set up or a misunderstanding of the feature set of Flex.

One of the features I really like about Flex is the ability to make storage containers. For example.,our L-acoustics Kara travels three to a case. Each cabinet has an individual barcode, and the case has a unique ID too. There is a storage requirement for the case to have three Kara packed inside it - on deprep we scan the case, scan the three speakers and scan the case to close again. It's tested and packed and on the shelf. Our quotes and pull sheets show the quantity of individual speakers. When the case is scanned out the case itself is added to the manifest and the theee cabinets tick off of the individual Kara line item. On the way in we scan each cabinet and the case back as there is no guarantee they've come back in the same box.

HERE is a PDF from Flex that covers their inventory config options.


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