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Scott Holtzman:

--- Quote from: John Rutirasiri on February 07, 2017, 12:52:54 AM ---How about setting up a project in Github?  Need a place to store docs, log issues, do version control on code.

John R.

--- End quote ---

We will use git for the code repository.  I am so ingrained to have jira sitting in front of it though.  I am just trying to find someone who hosts Jira so I don't have to stand up a whole server for one project.

If someone else is going to contribute a significant portion of the code and wants to bring a different tool I am open to that.  As it stands now this is the fastest way for me to get going.

Jira is free to Open Source projects.  The Jira/Confluence/Stash suite is simply without peer.  I am going to host it on Digital Ocean as I don't want any conflicts with my other vocation.


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