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Best way to mix band in-ear and house system

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Kevin McDonough:

Yeah I think, as people have said by far the easiest way to do it is an all in one set up, though of course it costs a lot more $.

A rack mixer (few choices available) and your IEM system in a rack together. All of the mics you're using get plugged into your rack (whether by drop boxes, or by cable looms, or just XLR straight to the rack) and then get split into the house stagebox. Any instruments that you aren't using for bigger or more complex bands just bypass your rack and go straight into the house.

That way you have all your channels and can mix as needed (can even use mobile phones or tablets so each band member can control his/her own mix) and FOH has their own split of everything so they can mix the show for the audience as needed.

And as said, the house engineers will probably than you that they can concentrate on the FOH mix and know that the IEMs are taken care of  ;D


Jeff Schoonover1:
On the small scale (clubs, etc.) I have a Behringer XR-18 and splitter with a router in one 6-spc. rack.  Everyone can use their phones or tablets for one of 6 (or 8 if it's a dedicated monitor rig as it most often is) mono or 3-4 stereo monitor sends.  House guys love it - even the ones who haven't seen it much as they suddenly realize they don't have to mess with monitors.
On a larger scale, I just got off the road with a touring band playing 1-3K seats a night.  It used dual Midas M32's, one for monitors and one FOH. A DL-32, 8 Senn IEM's and combiner were in a nicely portable rack with it.  Again, the fact that we were self-contained and on/off stage in just minutes was well-appreciated. It's becoming the standard. 

Mike Caldwell:
Regardless of how you configure your IEM system make sure it is in working condition every time you use it and at least one person with your group know how to trouble shoot a problem in the system.

Things like no dead channels in your split or stage drops that need patched around/made to work by the sound provider on a daily show by show basis.

Andrew Watts:
This has been a great thread. What did you end up doing Jerome? The X32 Rack is ideal for this setup.

Jerome Malsack:
With a Rack 32 I have a 1U ups providing the power.  I have two wifi routers so I can swap to the second on a failure.  Wifi has a small USB powered fan to cool for the 90 plus summer days.  two Ipads setup for overheat and battery life.  two battery packs to extend the Ipads battery.  The wifi's are dual band in the 2.4 and 5 gig. 


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