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PA Demo Track Playlist

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Yellow Jacket - Shaun Martin - 7 Summers
Great music with incredible clear highs for definition and awesome lows.  Full range of well defined music.  It's my go-to for checking out a system.

Dan Veneri:

--- Quote from: Andrew Henderson on November 24, 2016, 10:06:21 AM ---Hello all, and happy Thanksgiving!

I'm curious about what music tracks you all are using to demo PA systems or familiarize yourself with a system you're about to use.

I know the main idea is to use tracks you are very familiar with, so you can immediately recognize when certain sounds or details pop out at you on a new system, and recognize the characteristics of the system. I understand that this is not a replacement for measurement.

I'll share my playlist:

Aaron Neville: Louisiana 1927
Stevie Wonder: Sir Duke
Adele: He Won't Go
The Beatles: I Want You
Needtobreathe: Prisoner
Phish: Free
Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody
2Pac: I Get Around
Tonic: If You Could Only See
Stevie Wonder: Love's in Need of Love Today
Bob Marley: I Shot the Sheriff
AC/DC: Thunderstruck

I mainly put mine together based on songs I already own, trying to have a variety of genres, and making sure everything was fairly well produced. I wasn't very scientific about it.

Curious to see what you all are using!

--- End quote ---
You can find below the link to my playlist from my Spotify:

From Tipper to Steely Dan to anything in between, with some pink noise too.


Dave Garoutte:

--- Quote from: Peter Kowalczyk on January 17, 2022, 08:58:58 PM ---I've been meaning to update my playlist and download high-res tracks for quite some time.  We just got the PA connected in a new venue I'm working on, and I plan to tune tomorrow.  That was the motivation I needed to get some tracks on-deck.

Taking cues from the suggestions in this list, and adding a few of my own:

Steely Dan (Babylon Sisters has been my go-to for ever, i'm in that camp)
Jennifer Warnes (thanks for the reminder Russ)
Tower of Power

I've been really digging 'The Whitest Boy Alive - Rules' lately.  Very clean dry recording, with this great detailed electric piano.

Some Erykah Badu for that hip hop bass

Nicholas Payton - Zigaboogaloo - it'll tell you if your subs are over-the-top, or if your mid-highs need some love.  Jazz mixed like Hip-Hop.  The horns are

My question for you all:  Where are you sourcing your high-res tracks?  I downloaded all of this from  But they don't have some things I was looking for.  I'm not looking for freebies - happy to pay for the material!

--- End quote ---

I've gotten most of my hi def tracks from  Multiple file types and resolutions available.


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