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PA Demo Track Playlist

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Tim McCulloch:

--- Quote from: Robert McTigue on December 17, 2021, 03:14:44 PM ---
Pink noise ....

--- End quote ---

In honor of Prince (and the Artist Formerly Known As ), I'd upvote some purple noise.  ;)

Also, welcome to the LAB!  Seeing the word "newbie" under your name has a certain bit of irony to it. 8)

Peter Kowalczyk:
I've been meaning to update my playlist and download high-res tracks for quite some time.  We just got the PA connected in a new venue I'm working on, and I plan to tune tomorrow.  That was the motivation I needed to get some tracks on-deck.

Taking cues from the suggestions in this list, and adding a few of my own:

Steely Dan (Babylon Sisters has been my go-to for ever, i'm in that camp)
Jennifer Warnes (thanks for the reminder Russ)
Tower of Power

I've been really digging 'The Whitest Boy Alive - Rules' lately.  Very clean dry recording, with this great detailed electric piano.

Some Erykah Badu for that hip hop bass

Nicholas Payton - Zigaboogaloo - it'll tell you if your subs are over-the-top, or if your mid-highs need some love.  Jazz mixed like Hip-Hop.  The horns are

My question for you all:  Where are you sourcing your high-res tracks?  I downloaded all of this from  But they don't have some things I was looking for.  I'm not looking for freebies - happy to pay for the material!

John Schalk:

--- Quote from: Peter Kowalczyk on January 17, 2022, 08:58:58 PM ---My question for you all:  Where are you sourcing your high-res tracks?  I downloaded all of this from  But they don't have some things I was looking for.  I'm not looking for freebies - happy to pay for the material!

--- End quote ---
I'm a geezer so I get CDs out of the local libraries and rip the tracks I want.  For general background music, I rip at 320Mbps VBR, but for any tracks that I really like or want to use for testing, I rip them using a lossless format.  So, for me high res means 16 bit / 44.1kHz lossless.

Note: At the two clubs where I'm currently working at the most, all the background music is streamed.  One uses Spotify and the other YouTube Music.  I don't even bring my music with me anymore.


--- Quote from: Adam Tews on March 26, 2020, 02:51:48 PM ---"I Can't Tell You Why" -- Diana Krall.  Vocal jazz.  Like all of her tracks, the sound quality is exceptional.  The bass drum has a nice low "whumpf" and the string bass will sound muddy if your system's not dialed in.
"Human Nature" -- Trijntje Oosterhuis.  Vocal pop/jazz.  A sparse arrangement of the Michael Jackson tune featuring a VERY dynamic acoustic guitar, bass, and a smooth female vocal.  Won't do much for your subs, but will make your mid/highs sing.
"I Will Remember" -- Toto.  80s style pop-rock (from the 90s).  Big, thundering floor tom opens a drum intro with a tight kick drum.  The rest of the song kicks in with a nice balance across the spectrum. 
"No Sanctuary Here" -- Chris Jones.  Southern soul/blues.  Big bass guitar opens this track.  Use this to blow cobwebs out of your subs.  Hah!  Also a more dynamic vocal.
"Temptation" -- Diana Krall.  Vocal jazz.  Opens with a whumpy bass drum and upright bass solo.  Like above, the bass track will sound muddy if your system's not on point.  Always great Diana vocals.
"Tainted Love" -- Stella Starlight Trio feat. Karen Souza.  Lounge jazz.  Intentionally boomy upright bass mixed prominently...  Karen Souza's lush vocals sound impressive.  Use this track to impress someone...  Probably not great to tune in your system given the rather heavy mix on the bass.
"Elephants On Ice Skates" -- Brian Bromberg.  Modern instrumental jazz.  Opens with a 45 second jazz bass solo.  Very articulate sound to the bass, and nicely dynamic.  After the solo, a jazz horn band kicks in.  Very tight, with very harmonic bass guitar (sounds "growly"). 
"It Doesn't Matter" -- Alison Krauss & Union Station.  Modern bluegrass.  Lush production opens up with stereo acoustic guitars and lots of reverb.  Alison's vocals are dynamic, and sound buried at first.  Huge bass kicks in in the last half of the song.

--- End quote ---
Great descriptions of the songs and why you use them.  You are a true music lover.

Yellow Jacket - Shaun Martin - 7 Summers
Great music with incredible clear highs for definition and awesome lows.  Full range of well defined music.  It's my go-to for checking out a system.


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