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PA Demo Track Playlist

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Magnus Soderman:
a really old thread but here's mine :)
Rebecka Törnqvist - I have no worries (just dry voice for setting verbs n' ddl)
Scritti Politti - Best thing ever
George Duke - Fuzzion (useful drums intro)
Backseat - Hit home or Die (danish band)
Backseat - Cover Me (danish band)
Michael Ruff - Thats Not Me (Sheffield lab recording)
AC/DC - Stiff upper lip
Tom Petty - Alright for now (just a nice dry recording)
Extreme - Rest in peace
Eagles - No more walks in the woods
Eagles - How long
Eagles - Hotel California (great for checkning subs )

Yep, its old. But still works for me. All track in wav format from my ipod classic :)

// Magnus, Sweden

I'm probably long overdue updating my list be here are the tunes in my playlist

Rosanna - Toto
Get the fun out - Extreme
Black Friday - Steely Dan
Alive - Pearl Jam
Back in Black - AC/DC
Killing in the name - Rage
Lay me down - Crosby & Nash
May you never - John Martyn

Russell Ault:
I'm surprised no one (as near as I can tell) has mentioned "The Hunter" by Jennifer Warnes; it's typically the first song I play on any PA. If you're in a hurry it can be handy for setting a roughly equal-amplitude subs-on-an-aux level by ear (since it sounds pretty stupid with any kind of haystack). It has a very sharp snare (that starts halfway through the first verse, once you've already had a chance to walk away from a poorly-located FOH) that will tell you a lot about how the room is responding. Warnes' vocals have very little reverb but a well-defined eighth-note tap delay (which again helps judge room characteristics) as well as a clarity that should make any system harshness immediately apparent. Basically, for someone mixing on a de jour system, it's a great way to quickly find out how much work you have ahead of you. :D

Also, I'm not sure if anyone else does this, but I've taken all of my usual system check music and mixed it down to mono. I find that this makes it much easier to understand system coverage characteristics, as well as identify any polarity problems between L and R.


Justin McDaid:
I change my demo tracks depending on the genre of the artist I'm mixing - trying to keep them similar.

In the past, I've had good luck with:

In My Place - Coldplay
Gain - Virgos Merlot
City Love - John Mayer
Reach Down - Temple of the Dog
Peg - Steely Dan
My Favorite Mistake - Sheryl Crow
September - Earth, Wind, & Fire


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