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PA Demo Track Playlist

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Nathan Riddle:
Y'all are definitely In a different league than I am when it comes to knowing music and history and such.

I've been growing this playlist over time. Id like to add what y'all have said to it.

That's my quick and dirty and I switch to foobar FLAC with some jm test lab or Sheffield test tracks/songs.

I really enjoy Telefon Tel Aviv for both high end and low end, super ambient, yet full, yet articulate.

Will Knight:
A "simple" list for me.  As a bass player, an affinity for anything with strings...
No particular order.  Depends on the venue or format of the event...

  Fleetwood Mac - Rumors - "Dreams"
  Steely Dan - Reeling In the Years - "Aja" & "Deacon Blues"
  Yellowjackets - Spin - "Prayers for El Salvador"
  Rippingtons - Welcome to the St. James Club - "Welcome to the St. James Club"
  Spyro Gyra - Dreams Beyond Control - "Breakfast @ Igor's"
  ToP - What is Hip - "What is Hip?"
  Manhattan Transfer - Extensions - "Birdland"
  Skrillex - Scary Monsters
  Basia - London New York Warsau - "Crusing for Brusing"
  Pat Metheny - The Road to You - "Have You Heard" & "First Circle"
  Yo Yo Ma - Anything

my 2 cts

eric lenasbunt:
A dear friend of mine turned me on to Red Molly. That will really test the 1k-4K region. It will get harsh in a hurry as well...

Mal Brown:
BB King - Let the good times roll - pretty much anything from that cd

Ziggy Marley - Joy and Blues - real punchy low end

The Bonedaddies - Take your pick...  ShooRah from World Beatnicks has a nice tight low end punch.  I've been a fan for years so I know their stuff inside out.  The first is real well recorded.

Steely Dan 2 Against Nature... well yeah...  How that did not get Album of the year is beyond me...

If it's an acoustic date I  Phosphorescent Blues from The Punch Brothers then some Ottmar Liebert, then Wood Bothers The Muse.  Chris Wood's upright is generally very well recorded.   Oliver's voice is always a test of the mids...

I know that set of material really well so I can snag just about anything from those cd's will work for me.

Mal Brown:

--- Quote from: eric lenasbunt on November 24, 2016, 10:24:45 PM ---A dear friend of mine turned me on to Red Molly. That will really test the 1k-4K region. It will get harsh in a hurry as well...

--- End quote ---

The Richard Thompson version ?  I couldn't use it.  The cut is so engaging, emotional I couldn't abstract myself enough to really listen to my system...

That said I'm going to try it and see what happens...


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