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PA Demo Track Playlist

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Andrew Henderson:
Hello all, and happy Thanksgiving!

I'm curious about what music tracks you all are using to demo PA systems or familiarize yourself with a system you're about to use.

I know the main idea is to use tracks you are very familiar with, so you can immediately recognize when certain sounds or details pop out at you on a new system, and recognize the characteristics of the system. I understand that this is not a replacement for measurement.

I'll share my playlist:

Aaron Neville: Louisiana 1927
Stevie Wonder: Sir Duke
Adele: He Won't Go
The Beatles: I Want You
Needtobreathe: Prisoner
Phish: Free
Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody
2Pac: I Get Around
Tonic: If You Could Only See
Stevie Wonder: Love's in Need of Love Today
Bob Marley: I Shot the Sheriff
AC/DC: Thunderstruck

I mainly put mine together based on songs I already own, trying to have a variety of genres, and making sure everything was fairly well produced. I wasn't very scientific about it.

Curious to see what you all are using!

Ivan Beaver:
I use different songs, sometimes depending on what mood I am in.

But there are a lot of similarities.

Open-non "mushed" sound.  I like a acoustic instruments (we know what they sound like), well produced, clear vocals, nice percussion.
Percussive sound (drums-picks on stringed instruments etc) help to show off reflections or smearing in the speaker system.

Blown or bowed instruments don't show this.

John L Nobile:
No Steely Dan? :)

John Chiara:

--- Quote from: John L Nobile on November 24, 2016, 11:58:28 AM ---No Steely Dan? :)

--- End quote ---
Steely Dan--2 Against Nature-- Negative Girl
Barbara Streisand duet with Barry Manilow...I won't Be The One to Say Goodbye

John L Nobile:
I've been using IGY (What a Beautiful World) a lot. Sounds amazing through my system. Then I play Yes's Magnification for a challenge.


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