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Author Topic: Chamsys MagicQ for dummies  (Read 1467 times)

Tim Weaver

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Chamsys MagicQ for dummies
« on: November 15, 2016, 10:49:13 am »

So, I'm an audio guy first and foremost, but I've done a LOT of lighting too. I don't mind it, in fact I kind of enjoy it.

So my carreer path was such that when I learned lighting I was doing 120k par shows with moles and acl's and pro2000 foggers to really swamp the venue. I then got to use some Intellabeams with the LED and later the LCD controllers. I ran the controller along side an NSI Prism or an Avo Saphirre for control.

But then I changed jobs and did exclusively audio for the next decade. We're talking the 2000's here. In that time the Hog took over as the desk of choice for most people. And I missed the boat.

So now I am in a position where I could use some lighting skills again. I have "used" the MagicQ PC for a few things but I am not getting a satisfactory set up for busking on it. Frankly the learning curve seems to be too steep for me, or maybe its the lessons that I've been reading. I don't know.

So is there a written or maybe a video set of instructions that are easier for my audio brain to interpret? What has helped you learn magicq? Just for the sake of being thorough, I'm using it for a mix of pars, fresnels, led wash movers and led strip fixtures. I want to be able to use pallettes and build a nice show that can look smooth and polished, but can be run on the fly instead of pre-programmed.

Help an old guy out!
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John Fruits

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Re: Chamsys MagicQ for dummies
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2016, 01:12:43 pm »

Have you checked out the Chamsys vids at youtube?
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Jeff Lelko

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Re: Chamsys MagicQ for dummies
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2016, 07:27:52 pm »

Hi Tim,

Aside from Youtube, trial and error was pretty much how I learned.  Granted it's been about 10 years since I started using MagicQ, but macros are definitely your friend when it comes to busking, especially if you don't have a wing.  I'd suggest really learning how to use them if you get a chance.  ChamSys also conducts seminars from time to time throughout the country and would be a great way to pick up some additional skills.  Hope this helps!
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