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Bryan French:

--- Quote from: thirtha chengappa on October 29, 2016, 12:06:14 AM --- you get a lot more components and a lot more power. 

--- End quote ---
...for a lot more money...

A local client is putting a system together for their own shows  4xHDL50's per side to start with 4xdual 21's for subs. It was recommended they try the TTL6 for side fills over a single 21. Anyone tried the 6 ?

Benjamin Bielefeld:
I did a fly to gig with 12 flown per side at in indoor venue. I had a decent sound at FOH, clear and loud. My biggest problem with the box was the bleed onto stage. I measured 95 DB at FOH and 83 DB on stage... With my performers using a completely lidless piano and several other acoustic instruments (paired with IEMs) it was a very hard night for my poor monitor engineer.

My personal opinion: Decent box for the price but really only usable with DJ's or EDM performers. The bleed alone makes it extremely difficult for any other performers to hear their mix. Might be better at an outdoor venue.

Now I didn't know enough about the box so maybe there are things that can help prevent bleed. But I was pretty disappointed.

Chris LaRocque:
Iíve heard a 24 box rig at an outdoor setting and I didnít experience what you described.  Is it possible there was a reflection of some kind from a balcony or something? Or possibly it was too much box for the venue? 

Nitin Thakur:
Any experienced Engineer or System Tech can get this system work for them but, in my experience, it takes a lot of time, effort and patience to get it right. For recorded media and shows like EDM or DJs it will work well like any other solution in the market. Figuring out the condition of this active box during show is limited as the software is slow.

Definitely at a great price point but then you get what you pay for.


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