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Electrician Fee

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Ray Aberle:

--- Quote from: Jonathan Johnson on November 07, 2016, 12:04:36 pm ---Also note that while a particular breaker may look like what's in the panel, and it may fit in the panel, and is probably safe to use, if the type designation on the breaker does not match what the panel is listed for (read the nomenclature label), then it's technically a violation of the UL listing to use that breaker in that panel.

For example, Schneider/Square D "Homeline" breakers and panels have a type code of HOM. And Siemens/ITE have a type code of QP. And Eaton/Cutler Hammer has a type code of BR. Even though they all look and seem to fit exactly the same, a studious inspector will likely fail the installation.

--- End quote ---
That's definitely a good point. (Jeff had a good point as well, but I've never looked at "symmetrical ratings" on breakers, since I always just make sure I am purchasing the exact same breaker that a panel requires...)  That being said, I've never had luck with trying to fit the wrong manufacturer's breaker into a panel, so I would HOPE that just wouldn't work at all!


Stephen Kirby:
The temporary breaker suggestion was for the OP to have someone qualified put it in and pigtail out to a CS that he could plug a small distro into.  As with the tie-in, I wasn't advocating that he get into a breaker box and try to install anything.  His original question was for a dedicated 30A for his Danley amp and how to get an electrician put one in.  I merely suggested that he get a distro with the 30A circuit along with some regular 20A ones and have a real electrician provide the means for him to plug it in.  I do like the idea if the venues will let him of having a real electrician put stove plugs in for when he comes back to that place.

Brian Jojade:

--- Quote from: Geoff Doane on October 25, 2016, 08:23:39 am ---We found it was actually less expensive to have an electrician install a NEMA 14-50R and 40 or 50A breaker than to install the cam-lock tails and then come back and take them out.  The return call (especially if it's late at night) costs more than the receptacle, wire and conduit that will get left behind.

--- End quote ---

+ 1 on this one.  If there's not a 14-50 receptacle and they let you install one, do it!  Now, you can hire the electrician to go in at any time prior to the show to do the install, vs being on a tight schedule for the install.  That can save you $$$.  Additionally, now there's a connection there for future use.  Even if it's not you, you get feel good bonus points for the next guy.

And, maybe, just maybe, someone would have done the same thing for you at your next location so you don't have to worry about it!


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