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Author Topic: Big boy split snake, lounge-level price! 36x12x200+50  (Read 942 times)

Tim Weaver

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Big boy split snake, lounge-level price! 36x12x200+50
« on: July 19, 2016, 01:16:43 pm »

I have maybe the most pro piece of gear that peavey ever made.

I'm selling my big analog snake. It was branded as a Peavey, but everything on it is switchcraft and of high quality. Its a 36 send by 12 return snake head that is rack mountable and has a passive split that terminates into 2 Switchcraft DL zif connectors.

There are 2 trunk lines. 1 is (I think, never measured) 230ish feet and the other is 50 feet.

There are 2 fan outs. The monitor side has all the inputs working and 4 returns that have xlr's on them. The rest of the returns are missing connectors. Thats how it was when I bought it and I never needed to use returns from the monitor desk back to the stage. The front of house fanout is complete and every channel works on both fans.

This snake is FULLY MULTIPINNED! The fans come off the trunk lines. The trunk lines come off the snake head.

Not only that, but there is a piece of 12/3 SO cable married to the main trunk already. Thats over 200 bucks of copper alone. FOH power is laid out at the same time as the snake!

The case is included. Its plenty big enough to hold all the components of this snake plus a few other things. It could use better casters, but these work. They just roll funky.

P.S. I know the main trunk is longer than 200'. I'm not sure if its quite 250, but it's probably at least 230. I bought a 250' roll of 12/3 to put on it and only had a small, under 20' piece left over after taping it to the trunk. So, I've never measured it but I'm sure the main trunk is over 200'.

If you don't want the 12/3 power you can subtract $100 bucks from the price. Shipping is up to you. I do have access to a dock. I can shrink wrap it to a pallet if needed.

Sound Forums price: $700 for snake and power, $600 for snake alone.


Bullwinkle: This is the amplifier, which amplifies the sound. This is the Preamplifier which, of course, amplifies the pree's.

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Big boy split snake, lounge-level price! 36x12x200+50
« on: July 19, 2016, 01:16:43 pm »

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