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Author Topic: Turnkey Large Club/Big show lighting rig for touring band.  (Read 1455 times)

Tim Weaver

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It's time to sell my rig. It is the absolute best ground package I've seen for a touring band anywhere. It sets up quickly and easily, and has 2 optional heights, 7' or 10'.

The rig consists of 8 sticks of 12" square global F34 socketed truss pieces. They are 1.5 meters or 4.92 feet long. The bases are homemade from 2 layers of 3/4" birch with a Global endplate bolted to them. Very stable and strong. In 2 years I've never had an issue with the bases. In fact if one person counter holds the tower, another person can climb it.

Inside the truss are mounted 16 bars of Irradiant RGBA pixel bars. These are not fancy, but they get the job done. They are plenty bright because you are looking directly into the led. 8 Pixels per bar. 2 Bars are mounted inside each truss piece.

On the top we have 8 Chauvet Legend 412 moving wash lights. These are the older one without the zoom. These things are BRIGHT and have no trouble keeping up with 575w fixtures or 120k par can shows. They throw a bigger, softer beam than a Mac101 and the bonus is that they are 4in1 led's so the whole beam is one color. These lights can do 4 different pixels (4 slices of pie essentially) although we never used them that way.

The 412's hang from a 2" Heavy EMT pipe that is 5' long. I could do pull-ups on this pipe. I don't remember the exact name of it, but its heavier than thin emt, but not as heavy as Sch40 pipe. Plenty for these fixtures.

The 8 412's ride in a case that also holds cabling and misc items. I recycled this case out of a M7CL-32 channel console case. Now the 8 fixtures hang inside, meatrack-style, and there are pockets to put cabling in. Very cool design and takes up very little space in the trailer.

I'd like to sell this as a package, but I'll sell the main parts off individually too.

So, the complete package includes:
8 Chauvet Legend 412's
16 Irradiant RGBA bars
8 Global F34 1.5 meters
All truss connecting hardware
4 "T" pipes
8 Half cheeseboroughs (for "T" pipes)
4 Bases
Enough cabling to make it all work.

Whole rig complete: $6500

Ala mode:
Truss "T" with hardware = 2200
16 Irradiant rgba bars = 1000
8 Chauvet Legend 412's in case = 3500

A lot of thought and hard work was put into this rig to make it pack friendly, and quick to load in/out. Some things to think about are, this rig takes up 2 universes. Plus you'll need at least one more universe (or more!) to control the house rig too. The Bars can be used in different modes for smaller channel counts. It is possible to fit this rig on one universe if the bars only have 4 pixels each. My LD used a Hog3 Full Boar. I am not including a console or a snake for this. My LD owned his own desk, so I never bought one to use for it. That will be up to you to figure out.

There's no front lights! We used house gear for front lighting every night. I'm selling the 4 towers which is what we toured with. Every place we played would have at least a minimum of a few par cans for front lights.

This is not a "beginners" rig. You'll need an LD to use this to it's full potential. Whether you hire an LD to run it, or get someone to program it to a click track. Either way it's a LOT of bang for your buck!

Here's a perfect example of how badass this rig is.

The towers I'm selling are the only thing on in the beginning of this video. The Yellow lights are Platinum Beam 5R's (Freaking BRIGHT!) and the top truss has 16 Mac101's on it. The front lighting is GLP Impressions.

This was recorded in a Basketball arena. There were about 4000 kids on the arena floor for this one. This rig looks great in ANY size venue.

And here it is showing the alternate setup. Basically we use the top truss on the bottom, then put the bottom truss on top forming a "T". Then mount the movers on the top. This makes it about 7' tall. There are many clubs that we play that don't have 10' of headroom above the stage. This is one of those clubs...

The Lights are located in Central Texas. Right now, they are in the Austin area on our bus. I live in College Station, 77845.  I am travelling to Midland TX, on the 22nd. I will also be in Hardtner KS, Broken Bow NE, and Dodge City KS in a little over a week. I can bring the lights to any show. Check out to see where I'll be.

For serious inquiry please use my email: tim (at) weaverimaging (dot) com. I will be able to check that more frequently than any PM's I get here.


Awesome Case!

The whole rig


Bullwinkle: This is the amplifier, which amplifies the sound. This is the Preamplifier which, of course, amplifies the pree's.

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