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Author Topic: Show Programming Opinion  (Read 861 times)

Matt Stoneback

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Show Programming Opinion
« on: March 20, 2016, 10:28:01 pm »

Full disclosure; I have the exact same post in the Jands Lighting Forum as I will be using a S1 and Byron for this concert.  I say this just in case some of you visit that forum as well.  After I posted on the other forum I realized my questions could be generic enough that asking on another forum with some lighting professionals could be useful.  Take the "Jands" out and just consider if I should go with an automated option or manual by pressing play/go.  What has worked best for you?  See below.

Here is my post/question(s):

I am about to begin my fixture selection and location placement for an upcoming local "touring" band I work with. After I have that determined, I'll build my show file in Bryon and start programming. They are headlining a show and we want to make sure the lighting design is on point. I have a little over two weeks to get the programming complete.

Here is what I could use some opinions/help on. I'll be programming each of their songs (10 to 12) with a cuelist tracking through from start to end (nothing special there, we've done this for them before). I'll be working with one of my lighting techs who will act as the LD at the actual show but he is newer to Jands, I'll be doing the bulk of the programming. I know the easy way to do this is to just have the LD press the go/play button at the appropriate time, in the appropriate cuelist, throughout the show. Release the cuelist when the song ends and start the next cuelist for the next song. Very straight forward, a known way to make it work, and can be very clean/successful.

What I am wondering is if there is a way to automate this? Is there a way to make the timing even tighter than an LD pressing "go?" The band plays with tracks for all of their songs. Is there a way anyone would suggest to link their tracks to my Byron software (the show will be run off a S1)? Maybe use SMPTE timecode (how do I get timecode onto their stereo tracks)? Midi? Does doing something like this cause more brain damage than it is worth? Has anyone done this efficient and effectively? Is there any additional hardware/software I would need? If timecode is used, does it stay tight to the music... is it consistent? Does that make sense? I've never tried any of this, know a little about it, and wonder if I might be trying to bite off more than I should. Is this a time when the "KISS" method is best?

Opinions are more than welcome. I have my first meeting tomorrow with the lighting tech where we will determine the route we are going to take. Not sure if anyone will see this in time, but feel free to give me your two cents.

Thanks in advance for any assistance/advice you might be able to lend.
Matt Stoneback
Owner, Eddy Sound & Rokbox Entertainment

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Show Programming Opinion
« on: March 20, 2016, 10:28:01 pm »

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