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Author Topic: Newbie question: upgrade meeting room to dance club  (Read 1773 times)

david albert

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Newbie question: upgrade meeting room to dance club
« on: March 11, 2016, 12:18:48 PM »

Hi.  First Post.  I have been involved with audio in way or another for +30 years, usually as a custom speaker designer / builder.  I am not overly familiar with installed sound, so please excuse me if I make a blatant mistake, it would be out of ignorance.

I have been asked to upgrade the sound in a 116' x 70' x 14' meeting room to sound like a night club.  There are currently (9) JBL control 28s (70V 8" 2-ways) evenly spaced around the room and about 20 ceiling speakers that have dry rotted years ago.  Some old CT series Crown amps powered the system but they are non-operational today.  As a band-aid solution, I lent them (4) Crown XLS1500 amps, ran 10awg cable and powered (8) of the JBLs with their 70V transformers removed.  I crossed them over digitally within the amp to play 60Hz and up.  Surprisingly, it sounds ok but is not loud enough and there is no bottom end.

There are (3) projectors in the room for presentations, one on the East, North, and West walls.  Sometimes a wooden removable dance floor in the center or the room is added.  I thought of (2) 12" 2-ways for each projector screen and an 18" sub mounted in the upper corners of the room.  So my partial equipment list looks like this:

6   JBL AM5212/26 12" 2-Way
4   JBL ASB7118 18" sub
7   Crown Xti 4002 650W/ch 8 ohm stereo or 2400W bridged

In this way, each projector is a zone with a stereo image.  Each zone could be on or off independently or all zones could be turned on for a dance party.  An RDL audio switch box is used to assist with the 4th sub so that each zone has 2 subs, regardless which zone(s) are on.  I can explain further if needed. 

A person that is semi-into sound mentioned I should ceiling mount speakers above the dance floor are so that the highest volumes would be in that location.  The problem is the owner of the space does not want a bunch of unsightly speakers hanging from the center of the room, but I agree the idea makes sense.  This same person suggested ceiling speakers in the bathrooms and common areas, and I agree it would be nice, the owner does not feel it is very important. 

Any thoughts or considerations?  Other equipment I was considering for each zone:

An Aphex aural exciter to add some sizzle and thump if needed (love them or hate them, I think they work well when used within reason)

A dbx DriveRack 360 for crossover/EQ/limiter/compressor/and MIC anti-feedback. 

Thank you kindly.  I'd be happy to answer any questions.  I am looking for feedback on what you guys (or gals) would do in a similar situation.


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Newbie question: upgrade meeting room to dance club
« on: March 11, 2016, 12:18:48 PM »

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