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Shure UR3 TX Lock on full gain...


Pete Erskine:
I am currently on a show which is using 30 Shure UR3 plug on XLR transmitters with AKG Condenser mics.

Intermittently a preamp or mic "LOCKS" on full has been reported. I haven't seen it personally yet but earsplitting feedback was the first indicator.

Before I could look at the TX, the A2s had power cycled it.  In case it's caused by too much input, I had the preamp turned down 6 dB in the transmitter.  So far this has not been duplicated however the company says they have experienced it with UR3 in China.

Has anyone experienced this?

Pete Erskine:
It's interesting...

I posted this same note on Facebook and in less than 5 hours had responses from around the world which probably pinpointed the problem...


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