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Author Topic: Help tuning Speakers with DBX DriveRack260  (Read 9222 times)

Scott Holtzman

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Re: Help tuning Speakers with DBX DriveRack260
« Reply #20 on: January 18, 2016, 02:25:05 am »

Do you know how to use any limiter?

The HF drivers (professional speakers don't have tweeters) in parallel is probably the root of your issue.  Placings drivers in parallel decreases impedance increasing amplifier output, you should run them in series.  The amp will be easier to control with a more resistive load.

It is clear from your comments that you don't have the requisite experience to tackle this yourself.  You don't want to hire someone to make a small tactical change in processing.  You need an engineer to look at the whole system and develop a strategy for you.

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He SHOULD NOT run the tweeters and compression drivers in series.

If he does, then the compression drivers will be limited by the cap crossover of the tweeter.

If there was a proper crossover (meaning a low pass on the compression driver) then the impedance will not be lowered by using the higher freq tweeter.

The crossover will "take care" of the impedance issue.

Ivan is exactly right.  I did not reread the inventory so I made the assumption of three way with amp channels for each driver range. 

What I was saying is all the HF horns in parallel will create a higher impedance to the amplifier, reducing maximum output and putting the output in the most stable of it's region.  I never suggested putting mixed drivers in series.  That would not work.

The same principal would work for the the upper HF drivers.  Take the caps off and put them in series, you don't have enough channels to do 4 way stereo with the 260.

I am concerned you set things by ear.  Especially if you did it in the small room you took the pictures.  Your ear is not trained and you don't have deep knowledge of crossovers. 

Do you understand the three fundamental variables of Center Freq., Q and gain ?
Scott AKA "Skyking" Holtzman

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Ivan Beaver

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Re: Help tuning Speakers with DBX DriveRack260
« Reply #21 on: January 18, 2016, 07:44:11 am »

Well looked up somethings on my dbx I set my settings to the best sounding to me I also included limiter for you guys to help me with.
I don't see anything.

Simply tuning a DSP "By ear" is not going to get you good results-at least by most peoples ears.

There are a few exceptions, but those people also understand what they are doing and why.

Simply "making adjustments until you get something" is not a good approach.

You have to start with A REASON for every adjustment.

If you cannot justify each adjustment or setting-then chances are it is wrong.

Blowing the HF drivers would be a good example.
A complex question is easily answered by a simple-easy to understand WRONG answer!

Ivan Beaver
Danley Sound Labs


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Re: Help tuning Speakers with DBX DriveRack260
« Reply #21 on: January 18, 2016, 07:44:11 am »

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