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New Text and GPS communicator system for smart phones


Pete Erskine:
This is really interesting.

It is a small radio, 2 Watt, which pairs bluetooth to your smart phone.  It operates in the Family radio service band 151-154 MHZ, and allows 160 character messages and GPS information to be shared.  Perfect for use at public events since it isn't compromised by a congested RF environment because it communicates with data like your smart phone but on a less used band than cell service.

Battery life on standby is 20 hours with 2 hour recharge time.  messages are encrypted.

If your phone is off it stores hundreds of messages for later retrieval.  I have bought a pair to try (about $180/pair).  If you want to get one go to Read the very complete FAQ section.

I'll add my review here later.


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