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Cool Podcasts?

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Keith Billik:
Hey all,

I have a new job assignment that involves a decent amount of solitary desk work, and I've been listening to a ton of podcasts. Although I have a good list of interesting things to listen to, it would be cool to find something that would satisfy my live sound interests.

Anyone have good recommendations? I don't have anything super specific in mind; it could be gear or technique oriented, or interviews, etc. Ideally educational in some way would be great.

Much appreciated!

Lou Kohley:
I've enjoyed Sound Design Live by Nathan Lively. The interviews are interesting especially the ones with Bob McCarthy.


Dave Scarlett:
For recording interests I enjoy Warren Huart on Youtube:

Tim Weaver:
Digging up this old thread.

A friend of mine started this podcast:

It focuses on women and minorities in audio.

I'm slated to be a guest in the near future. Even though I'm a basic white guy. If you know some women/minorities in the field maybe point them to her. She clearly needs more guests if I'm going to be on it! lol

Steve Litcher:
I've been liking:

"Don't Shit on the Bus" - it's geared more toward the beginner/newbie in the touring world, but some of the guests are interesting (like the owner of Killer Merch, and security legend Sully Sulivan)

"Radio Check - Life in the Concert Touring Industry" - they have some interesting guests; recently had Pooch as a guest.

"Pooch and Rabold" - goes without saying...

"Roadie Free Radio" - pretty entertaining; a number of my friends have been guests/featured on it.

And occasionally I'll listen to The Bob Lefsetz Podcast, if there's a guest or topic that seems like it might be interesting.

(and of course, a shameless plug for my own podcast, MixMasters; it's pretty pedestrian compared to the others, but it's been fun and it's a good way to pass the pandemic time)

Edit: I didn't realize this was such an old thread... :D Oh well; I'll leave my list just in case anyone is looking for something (potentially) new/different.


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