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LPDA with a reflector?

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Pete Erskine:

--- Quote from: Jason Lavoie on November 03, 2015, 11:43:38 AM ---It is in a large store, and is aimed towards an adjacent building which is their head office, so a data link makes sense.

And after thinking about it I agree with Lyle. Frequencies aside, the dish is only useful at its focal point

maybe it is a plastic cover for an LDPA over top of something else?


--- End quote ---

LPDA are used with a reflector but sometimes point towards the reflector for added narrow band. 
This is true especially in the wifi band but this unit seems a little larger.  Without seeing inside the radome it is hard to tell.

UHF antennas often have rear reflector on a LPDA.

Henry Cohen:
This is a Yagi-Uda antenna enclosed in a radome, and as with all yagi's there's a reflector behind the driven element. Some manufacturers use a large grid style reflector (rather than just a another rod set) for increasing directivity. I've actually seen this antenna product in a catalog, though I can't find it right now, and for some reason I suspect it's 900MHz ISM band; I'll continue to look for the OEM.

Lyle Williams:
I don't recall seeing a lpda with a reflector.  Lots of vhf ldpa with a uhf yagi+reflector on roofs for tv though.


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