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Directional wifi antennas

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Jason Glass:
I get excellent high gain directional performance on 2.4GHz 802.11 networks when using these:

You can buy them directly from Kent Electronics or from his son on eBay.  You'll need to add your own coax (a few feet of RG142 or LMR195 is perfect) with a very simple solder joint at the antenna and an appropriate connector (usually an RP-SMA).  I also did a quick spray of Ace Hardware flat black lacquer for a very durable finish.

Jason Glass
Clean Wireless Audio LLC

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Tim Weaver:
I didn't mention earlier, but my 5ghz wap is mounted on a mic stand that also holds one of my ULXD receive antenna. I haven't noticed any problem. I set the mic stand on the downstage edge and point the wap at FOH.


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