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Clear-Com HelixNet fetures expanded

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Pete Erskine:

--- Quote from: Chris Johnson [UK] on October 28, 2015, 08:56:59 PM ---Yes, i know they can be powered over the cat5, but they are not Ethernet, not TCP/IP, cannot be routed over a network. Unlike say, acrobat antennae

--- End quote ---

You are so right about the terminology.  The phrase "POE" is not appropriate for the power over cat5 which the Freespeak II antennas use.  The antenna audio connection over the cable is TCP/IP Ethernet compatible but also requires a separate sync signal (RS422/485) to make it work.  Additionally if you use routers, IP, the delay would stop the antenna from properly syncing to the other antennas.

Here is a technical description of the antenna data:
I don't have the pin out for the Cat5 interconnect.

FreeSpeakII components need audio (E1 32 channel multiplexed audio similar to T1) and DECT sync reference (sync pulse per 10ms… and a different sync pulse every 160ms).

-> The antenna transceiver will operate without the DECT sync reference using its own internal clock.  This makes it an RF island that may or may not allow seamless roaming to the rest of the system as it is not “frame synced” to the other antennas. This may also make for a desensitizing artifacts (if very close to other antennas) and inefficient use of the spectrum (as not all components start at the same time).

-> The antenna splitter will NOT operate AT ALL without the DECT sync reference.

-> The E1 can easily be converted to fiber using off the shelf media converters ($500 a pair)

-> The DECT sync shares the electrical specifications with RS422/485 and we have users successfully transporting it using such media converters.

-> Keep in mind that converting to IP is not advisable unless you want to create non-roaming “RF Islands” due to the latency it may incur and potential lack of synchronicity between the E1 and the DECT sync. Direct media conversion to fiber is strongly recommended.'


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