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Festival and event 4g wifi


Simon Ryder:
Hi All,

I am UK based (mostly)

I am looking for a good 4g router that can connect to a couple of external high gain wifi antenna as well as a couple of high gain omni 4g external antenna.

Any recommendations?

Looking for router and antenna recommendations of both types.

I hear that the ubiquiti antennas are superb for wifi, but has anyone had any success with antennas for getting good phone and broadband signal in dodgy areas?

Thank you in advance,


Lyle Williams:
It certainly can be built.  We have used Cisco and Netcomm gear to do this.  Any brand/model of gear with an external antenna connector could do the job.  For the 4G, antenna height is your friend.

But plan on it stopping working when 2000 people show up with their phones.  :-(


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