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PLEASE READ - how to include a clickable link in your post


Mac Kerr:
The forums software does not display long links properly, they sometimes force the entire topic to be a very wide page so that no post in the topic can be read without horizontal scrolling. Please do not post long links with creating a short link.

Josh Millward included good instructions in THIS POST that I just used to create that link. You can find out more about it HERE.

Rather than just pasting in the url, that may be many lines long, type an open square bracket "[" followed by "url=", then the url you want to point to, then a close square bracket "]". Then type the text you want to describe the link "LINKY", then open square bracket "[" then "/url" and close square bracket "]".

That will create a short clickable link that will direct the reader to the url you wanted. It will help keep the super wide messages from upseting the page format of the entire thread.

Thank you,



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