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Author Topic: Best setting for connecting RCF speakers to RCF subwoofers  (Read 6059 times)

Jano Svitok

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Re: Best setting for connecting RCF speakers to RCF subwoofers
« Reply #10 on: October 23, 2015, 10:19:06 am »

What does an amplifier in fact do is to multiply the voltage by some coefficient (the coefficient is usually something around 32 dB ~ 39x, but depends on the model). I'm not sure, but I suppose the volume control affects the amp coefficient, so output voltage = input voltage * amp coefficient.

Voltage / impedance of the speakers = current to speakers. Power to speakers = voltage * current = voltage^2 / impedance = input voltage^2 * amp coefficient^2 * impedance.

That means output power is dependent on 1) input voltage = output from mixer 2) volume setting 3) speaker impedance, which is fixed so we can leave 3 off.
It is  clear that even with lower volume setting, it is possible to achieve full output when high enough input is fed to amp from mixer.

I assume from spec sheet that with volume at 12 o'clock the input for full power is +4dBu = 1.22 V and at the very right position -2 dBu (0,6 V). Now check your mixer's specs what it's output level is.

You may try to run sine wave through your mix to the subs and check at what level the subs start limiting and if it correlates with the above or not.

Obviously, there might be a problem with the box, but if both behave similarly the probability is pretty low.

This depends on the style/music, in other words on desired lows:highs ratio and overall volume. Low frequencies are pretty sensitive to room configuration (reflections etc.) so they may disappear at some places and reappear again in a few meters.
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