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Shure UHF-R H4 band in NYC ?

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Phil Boutle:

--- Quote from: Diogo Nunes Pereira on September 25, 2015, 08:59:28 PM ---An RF Explorer can change your life, and it's a cheap trick.

And you can then import those scans to WWB (or IAS). I've been scanning the north of Spain all over, during my vacations this year.

I wish Shure included TV database data in WWB for Spain already...

(Oh... and we might have to speak elsewhere, right? There's a new forum for Wireless...)

--- End quote ---


I use the RF Viewer to do quick scans and import into WWB or IAS. The export CSV function speeds up the process greatly and out-weighs the drawbacks. No it won`t pin point problem freqs quickly but I generally leave it running and watch the waterfall to see if anything drastic is happening. On the tour I`m on at the moment there is not a huge amount of RF and only a couple of important channels so not much need to dig too deep.

As for TV databases I`ve been finding more brand new 4G mobile bands popping up which obviously aren`t in WWB or IAS. It usually doesn`t affect the equipment ranges I`m co-ordinating but just interesting !

Here`s a screenshot of WWB ..New York Citifield July 2015



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