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RF coordination simultaneous example using IAS and Workbench

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Pete Erskine:

--- Quote from: Ike Zimbel on November 22, 2016, 09:48:26 PM ---Hi Pete,
I've been experimenting with this and one thing I'm finding pretty consistently is that it's very difficult to get the two programs to agree on even basic intermod calculations. In this instance, I did the initial coord in IAS (nothing too challenging, about 30 freq's, all Shure except 4 Lectro IFB's to avoid). Since I will be handing this show off to an A-2, I decided to re-enter it all in WWB-6 on the laptop included with the rig. Well, even though I had used the most restrictive IAS settings, WB didn't agree with about 1/3 of the frequencies I'd I did a re-calc in WB-6. Once it was happy, I punched those numbers back into IAS, and was quite surprised to have some of them be called out as 3rds...and so on, back-and-forth. It's working, RF wise, but I find this interesting. What I think is happening is that the results vary depending on where the calculations start, ie, in what order the frequencies are being calculated against each other.

--- End quote ---

IM calculations are like the lotto.  First a random number in the range is picked, then each additional freq is located working away from the first.  Every time you do a recalculate a random number starts the process.  So not only is it gambling but the actual calculation methods aren't exactly the same either.  Seems like the numbers chosen correctly by one program should test OK in another.  for this inconsistency I blame the calculation methods.


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