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Frequency Coordination video example

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Jordan Wolf:
That was a great tutorial, Pete.

I'll have to demo IAS sometime; I'm only familiar with Shure's WWB, but the workflow seems similar.

I like the all-on-one-screen layout, it makes organization a lot easier without having to drill through menus.

Pete Erskine:

--- Quote from: Matt Marcus on August 31, 2015, 04:22:04 PM ---What are you using to run IAS on a Mac? Parallels?

--- End quote ---

I previously used Fusion VMware.  After switching to Parallels it is so much better.  It totally integrates windows files into Mac Os.  Click on a windows program or install and it just opens.  All my windows programs open faster than the mac equivalent.  IAS still sometimes gets a little stuck but I think it's ias, not parallels.  I am using Win 7 waiting for a year or so to go to 10.

Pete Erskine:

--- Quote from: peter dakin on August 31, 2015, 09:00:20 AM ---If you wish, you can create your own profile which you can then edit, to make equipment more realistically flexible.

Obviously the top of the line profiles/bands are all there, but we come across a vast array of mid-range stuff (especially when co-ordinating with Artist's equipment).

--- End quote ---

The latest Version of IAS has 2 terrific features.  Updates to profiles come as updates (havent seen it happen yet) and scans can be saved to their db which is offered if you enter a zip code near your location.  See my web page spectrum-analyzer-setups for more info.

Scott Helmke:

--- Quote from: peter dakin on August 31, 2015, 09:00:20 AM ---as highlighted in the WW6 video, I've found non shure products, especially Sennhieser not as flexible and tricky to get desired number of frequencies, due to the fixed spacing and 3tx on 'more frequency' settings, as mentioned in video.
If you compare WW6 available freq to Sennheiser's WSM program, that latter offers more frequencies.
I always wondered if this was something Shure maybe factored in, to try and lead you more towards their products, as it is their FREE software after all.
--- End quote ---

I tend to think that IAS's support for upper-tier Sennheiser products also sucks. When I'm doing football game coordinations the TV truck usually has some older Sennheiser stuff which was weird to begin with, and so generally requires some finagling to figure out in IAS.


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