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AV Budgets

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Rob Warren:
I know exactly what you mean.
In a lot of churches it's just expected for the A/V ministry to jump through
any hoop that is presented to them.  

I to am expected all the time to set up a mic and speaker system an then
find out the attendance is all of 20 people.  
It's a tough scenario, obviously I want to do a great support and work very hard but at the same time I like to see my family once in a while as well.  
With that being said, it's tough because the leadership (Pastors) that are always in charge of stuff, generally no NOTHING about A/V.  
So it makes it tough to explain the fact that there is no need to have a mic and PA in a 10 x 12 classroom for a speaker.  Teachers do it every day with out a mic.  Why can't a preacher?  

That's an interesting concept Brian has.  All Brian is trying to do is bring a little bit of accountability to who is requesting for an audio guy to come in and setup a system and run it.  Because what happens is nobody really sees every minsitry pulling the AV dept in several hundred events.  So if they had to "Pay" for it then usually that automatically stops them and they think, we really need this?    Perhaps they DO but now they will at least THINK about it!


Todd Hisey:
Maybe this would be better as a new topic, but I think it does relate to some degree.  

How would everyone characterize their relationship with the lead pastor, worship pastor, program director, or whoever else sets the pace for the weekly events?

Karl P(eterson):
This is a little old, but I'll bite:

Senior Pastor: While I don't have daily contact with him, we are very friendly and both trust eachother. If I said I needed something, he would trust me, if he said we can't do it today, I would trust him. (but not being able to do it today, does not mean it won't happen this year, or even in the next few months).

Worship Pastor: He is a great friend, we spend time together often. He and I are on the same wavelength 99.99999% of the time. I will go to the moon for him if I needed to, and he will trust me when it hits the fan.

As for who sets the pace, we all do in certain respects. Pastor has a passion for the overall vision of the church, our worship pastor has a passion for the vision of worship in the church, I have a passion for the vision of technical arts in the church, and every other pastor or lead person (insert them all here) has a passion for there area of the vision of the church. So, in this case, the pace is synergistic of many peoples passions working together to accomplish the vision of the church.

Hope this helps you somewhat.

Karl P

Bob Miller:
We just have an a/v team.


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