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AV Budgets

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Brian Kent Tennyson:
I am curious as to how media budgets are structured at your church. At my old job everything AV related was under the television ministry budget, which, in turn, was under the music ministry. I think this was more a product of who was responsible for pushing the TV ministry into action (the minister of music). I often felt that we should be part of the education ministry or the support staff.

How is your AV ministry structured? How do you get funding? How much of a struggle do you have getting funding?

Clayton Luckie:
Structurally, I am under the Worship Pastor.  He's technically my boss.  Since I am the first person to have the "Tech Associate" (read: Technical Director) postion at my church, there is not much of a structure to it.  The "A/V" budget is very small, and I tend to work off of the budgets of the ministries in the church.  If I do upgrades for the college ministry, it comes from their budget.  A lot of times I work from a facilities budget, though, which is kind of "general church facility" money.

I would like to see my position grow to have a budget of my own, so  I can always be phasing out old gear (there's plenty of it!).  But I imagine that this is a ways away, since there arent many who would understand the need to buy gear yearly.  We have always been a "hand-me-down" church as far as gear goes.  You can imagine the crap that the Middle School ministry has to deal with!  I want to put those ways behind us and move on to "the right tool for the right job".  

As far as getting money, its getting easier to get (thats confusing...).  I havent had trouble getting funding for good upgrades recently.  Its a nice feeling that perhaps people are starting to realize that having inadequate gear is a bad thing on many levels.


David Henry:
Budget, WHAT Budget?

Our church however, just moved into a larger building.  So we got a nice new system for the youth group.  What we kept was all of our old mics.  I wish for condensors and drum mics of any sort as we need them in our larger room now.  Our sanctuary has condensors out the wazoo.  Enough ranting.


Thomas R. Pullen:
We have a creative team that does music, A/V, drama, web, video, etc.

Mike Prasuhn:
One of the best ways I've ever seen this kind of thing setup was at a christian university, where there was a department called Advancement with its own budget. The TV and radio stations of this university were operated by that department, it was a kind of PR/marketing arm of the univeristy but didn't handle any advertising of the university, except that related to the TV/radio stations.

This doesn't really help much with regards to facilities budgeting, except to say that they had their own budgets and I think that was in the end beneficial to both sides of the AV teams, because they weren't trying to compete with each other for their budget dollars. I think this is very important because then each group can concentrate only on their respective purpose, such as making the broadcast better, or making the live event better.

The only danger with an arrangement like that was, while each was using their dollars to further their individual goal, at times cooperation between the groups was at a minimum. This really came down to an issue of attitudes and lack of simple effort from some people.

Hope this helps a little....

-Mikey P


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