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Author Topic: Soundcraft UI12  (Read 2507 times)


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Soundcraft UI12
« on: July 14, 2015, 04:18:22 pm »

I've just bought a UI12 to do a few gigs that involve Public transport to get to them and or other awkward travel options it was cheap enough that it'll be paid for by the gigs in question and if it doesn't survive hikeing across a causeway to an island or several long train journeys it'll not be a big deal.
I nearly bought the SMPro version last year but it was never available always on back order etc so I'm sold on the form factor and the one box idea of router and mixer no dongle or othe extraneous boxes and wall warts.
I've had a go at mixing mulitrack output from my computer on it, trying to treat it if it was a gig and the software is very easy to use on any reasonable sized tablet, for my poor eyesight and fat fingers a phone is a bit small to work quickly though the "more me" thing works well on a phone.
 It is as others have said a bit noisy if you crank the gain but I found with the hardware mix out knobs set at or near max I could get tons of level with the mic pres nowhere near full gain .
The effects and Eq are excellent for the price and good regardless of price, the grouping set up is very easy to use especially the view group tabs this lets you set up different screens with only the channels you need on them ie all the inputs then sub groups and say a FX return on another group.
It is possible to hard wire an ehernet control to it, it's best if you use a fixed IP as the dhcp on the device seems to be a bit random, also there are 2 more Aux sends available on the headphone sockets, so with a 1/4 stereo plug to 2 mono jacks you get 2 more auxes instead of a headphone out, why no jacks or xlrs for these? the USB ports on the side have enough juice to keep the Ipad/tablet etc charged which is nice, also the casing appears to be solid enough as well I've already dropped it off a sub speaker onto a hard floor and all I did was crack the hinge on the aerial, it still worked just looked bad  :-[ Ive since replaced that withnonenfrom an old router and all is good.
If the channel count is enough it strikes me as a much better device than the Mackie DL series if only for the remote gain control but also it seems better built and sounds every bit as good and to me the software is easier to use.
Well worth a look IMO G

Seth Albaum

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Re: Soundcraft UI12
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2015, 12:53:13 am »

I have a UI16 and I echo your observations. I find a cheap 8" WinBook tablet a good companion - anything with an IPS screen since I'm doing outdoors shows. I got it for a situation where I have limited time to setup. Now I don't have to worry about a FOH tent. A guy from last week's band was convinced it was a digital snake and asked if it would work with his Mackie.. was able to set him straight, though.  :)
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