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Author Topic: Soundcraft Vienna 2 Mixing Desk with CPS950 power supply and flight case  (Read 2095 times)

Michael Archibald

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Soundcraft Vienna 2 mixing desk with CPS 950 power supply (plus cables). Comes with flight case with wheels for the desk, power supply without flight case.

Ebay page with more photos:

This is in Leeds, UK

This was Soundcraft's flagship mixing console at the time so has excellent sound with endless routing possibilities. It is exceptionally well built and weighs an absolute ton.

Check around on the internet, these go from 1500 to 3500. I believe they were around 50,000 when they first came out! The power supply alone is worth 750 alone on ebay.

32 mono channels
4 stereo/mono channels (with mic pre and complete routing possibilities like mono channels)
8 aux sends (individually switchable post/pre)
4 band parametric EQ
sweepable high pass filter on each mic channel
8 further stereo inputs
8 sub groups
LR stereo buss
Mono buss
2 VCA masters
8 mute groups
8 matrix outs
all balanced inserts
every input and output on LED meter bridge with VU meter for LR

I have tried to lay out the photos going from L-R across the desk, but to clarify:
The left side of the desk is populated by 24 mono mic channels.
The master section in the centre is comprised of the two VCA masters (red faders), LR and Mono masters (yellow faders) and Aux send Masters (blue pots), the talkback section and monitoring selection.
The next bank of 8 channel strips houses the  8 VCAs (lowest bank), 8 group masters (middle bank, short-throw faders) and 8 stereo inputs (top bank, blue short-throw faders).
Right of this are a further 8 mono mic input channel strips (same as the first 24)
The next four panels are blank panels, but there is still a meter bridge for them and connectors on the back of the desk, so 4 channel strips could be bought and installed.
The next 4 faders are the stereo/mono channels. These have mic pre amps and full routing capabilities, unlike the 8 stereo returns that only have +20dB trim pots and are for line level sources.
After this comes the 8 matrices sourced from L, R and Mono busses, the 8 subgroups and an external input.

This desk was designed primarily as a live desk, but I have been using it for the past 2 years as a recording desk for which it excels. The desk really has a beautiful sound, but unfortunately I need to move studios and keeping this desk along with the new gear I have my eye on is just too impractical. I'm probably making a big mistake letting this go.

As this desk is so large and heavy, you will need to come and collect in person. It takes at least 4 strong people to lift it, so we'll need to organise some help and you'll need a big van!! Cash on collection, collection in person only, please no delivery drivers, they will refuse to move this thing and you need to be sure it will fit in their van, so organise your own transport and measure up first.

The desk itself measures 214x90x32cm. The flight-case adds some more to that still.

User Manual here:

hopefully I have answered all questions already, but if you need any info, please get in touch.
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