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Author Topic: Danley SM LPM after a year.  (Read 2336 times)

John L Nobile

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Danley SM LPM after a year.
« on: April 28, 2015, 08:14:22 pm »

Got 4 Danley SM LPM's last year. 2 for front vocals and 1 each for guitar /bass players.
Single 8" coax, passive, 110 degree horn loaded. Very light at 41 pounds, angled with 2 speakons at each end. Very convenient.
I didn't have much time to set them up last year. Got level and left them flat. Couldn't hear anything that needed to be eq'd. Performers loved them and still do. I've cut a bit at 200 for the room and 10k for the mic bump there.
That's all I've done with them and all I hear from the cast is how good they sound.
So until today I've never really listened to them.
Today I set myself up in a small meeting room for pre pro. Didn't feel like using headphones so I grabbed 2 of them. Put them on chairs in front of me and sat in the sweet spot. I was programming routings so I played one of my favorite albums. Yes, Magnification. Band with Orchestra, very complex mix. First thing I noticed was how good it sounded. Then I noticed that the lead vocal was right in front of me. It didn't sound like it was coming from the monitors. You could hear how far instruments were panned. A great sound field. Then I started hearing subtle things that I don't remember ever hearing before. I was amazed. I've never mixed in a top studio before but these things sounded better than any studio monitor I've ever mixed on.
I'm even more impressed by these now. They're working great as stage monitors and I'd A/B them with studio monitors as well.
I've always had to put time into getting monitors to sound right with some tweaking during the show run. Saved a lot of time and grief with these. Don't know where you could hear them but do it if you can.
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