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Sennheiser SKM300-835 G3 Handheld Transmitter With e 835 Capsule Evolution G3(B)


Dave Levit:
Sennheiser handheld wireless transmitter (transmitter ONLY) for EW300-G3 series, B Band, NIB. Also compatible with EW100 and EW500 series systems that are in the B Band. Item was unboxed for 1 customer 15 minute demo and pictures only!


Item is available for pick up in Mt. Prospect, IL. Buyer pays shipping charges or Acutrak will deliver for a $75 delivery fee to the Chicago land area. Price DOES NOT include Illinois Sales Tax. Includes OEM warrenty.

Feel free to call with any questions:
David Levit
Acutrak Solutions

Acutrak Solutions offers expert speaker repair, replacement parts, and components for almost all pro-audio and many consumer brands. Call us for OEM replacement high frequency diaphragms. Other places sell speakers that are broken or breaking. No goofy unreliable, "get it going for the moment" back alley repairs here. We are the guys who fix them right and guarantee it!!


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