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Author Topic: House Cleaning Sale  (Read 1911 times)

Raul Suarez

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House Cleaning Sale
« on: March 11, 2015, 02:30:20 PM »

Lots of great gear wanting a new home
Please PM if your interested. 

Soundcraft Europa 40 channel mixing console
Soundcraft Series-IV monitor console
Ramsa WR-840 40 channel monitor mixing console
Allen & Heath ML-3000 40 channel - Tour Pack (2 available)
Soundcraft Venue 32 channel
Denon DN-x800 DJ mixer and DN-2600 dual drawer CD player
Third Ear Series-1 stage monitors (EV 15” w/ JBL 2425 driver, passive or active) (9 available)
Third Ear Series-2 stage monitors (PAS 15” w/ JBL 2425 driver, passive or active) (4 available)
Complete speaker system
     20-Harbinger 828 speaker systems (3-way active 2-box system) 
          20-Mid/Hi box
               4-JBL 2450 JBL 2” high
               16-JBL 2446 2” high
               20-JBL 2020 JBL 12” mid
          20-Sub box
               16-Vega 189ES 18” low
               4-JBL 2240 18” low
          4-BSS 360 custom voiced crossovers
          2-Carver custom voiced crossovers   
          5-amp racks worth of gear
               5-Crest 4601
               5-Carver PT1800
               5-Carver PT2400)
               5-sets I/O panels
               all EP-6 cables
               10-MDin/Hi pack castor boards
Radian TES-218 dual 18” subwoofers – custom road version w/ caster plates (20 available)
JBL Array Series 4892-90 2-way loudspeaker (12 available)
JBL Array Series 4894-90 2-way loudspeaker (20 available)
JBL SRX728S subwoofers (2-18”) (20 available)
JBL SRX718S subwoofers (1-18”) (4 available)
QSC PL6.0 PFC amplifiers (1250 @8 ohms, 2500 @ 4 ohms, 3000 @ 2 ohms) (8+ available)
Crown Com-Tech 410 w/ PIP2 card (210w p/c @ 8ohms) (8 available)
Crest 4601 amps (6 available)
Crest 7001 amps (2 available)
Hafler P500  Hi density amps
     8 channels, 1) massive 3 phase power supply 12 rack spaces input and output rack panels. Very cool.
Carver PM1200 amplifiers 450w @ 8 ohms, 600w @ 4 ohms
Carver PT1800 amplifiers 600w @ 8 ohms, 900w @ 4 ohms, 1100w @ 2
Carver PT2400 amplifiers 750w @ 8 ohms, 1200w @ 4 ohms, 1500w @ 2
Dbx 480R remote consoler for Dbx480 with dual psu
Dbx 480 digital system processors with eq, limiter, crossovers (4 available)
Dbx 482 digital system processors with eq, limiter, crossovers (9 available)
BSS FCS-960 dual channel graphic eq (10 available)
US Audio Gatex quad noise gate (2 available)
Dbx 166 dual channel compressor/limiter/noise gate (6 available)
JBL DCS260 digital crossovers 2 in 6 out
Peavey Architectural Acoustics CAB 8i/o  A/D D/A DSP  (15 available)
Dbx 376 Channel Strip – preamp, eq, compressor w/ analog or digital out (3 available)
Audio Logic SC31 equalizer
Lexicon LXP-1 digital effects unit
Yamaha SPX90 digital reverb multi-effect (3 available)
Yamaha REV-500 digital reverb (2 available)
Digitech Studio s200 multi effects processor (6 available)
Sony PCM-R500 DAT deck
Panasonic SV-3700 DAT deck
Panasonic SV-3800 DAT deck
Technics M85mk2 rack mount professional 2 motor Dolby cassette deck
Telex FMR-700 quad packs 4 channels wireless lavalier (no case)
Samson Concert TD diversity receiver/belt pack system, 195.6Mhz (Samson CH 7
Samson Concert TD diversity receiver – no transmitter, 186.6Mhz (Samson CH 4)
Samson Concert ST belt pack transmitter ST-2, 196.6Mhz (Samson CH 8) w/ Sony lav capsule
Audio Technica ATM63 dynamic microphones (4 available)
Audio Technica ATM21 dynamic microphones (2 available)
EV PL80 dynamic microphones (2 available)
EV PL77 condensor microphones (4 available)
EV PL757 dynamic microphones (2 available)
AKG C1000 condensor microphones (2 available)
Rane BB44x Balance Buddy (unbalance to balanced converter) (3 available)
Soundcraft 800B Submaster/Matrix output 8016 module
Raul Suarez
General Manager
Third Ear Sound

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House Cleaning Sale
ยซ on: March 11, 2015, 02:30:20 PM ยป

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