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Powered Mixer suggestions

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Christopher Young:
Hi Folks,

I'm looking for any suggestions you may have for a good small powered mixer.  I'm looking for something that has good internal protection on it.  Simple is good.  I've been looking around and the only thing I can find that isn't a Behringer is the Peavy, and it doesn't appear to have any protection either.  The Yorkville MM6 looked like a good candidate but they're out of production now. I still may be able to find a couple, but that could turn out to be a chore.             

I recently had 2 come into my shop from our loan counter all blowed up.  The good news is that they were Behringer Europowers so we aren't out a whole lot of money.  I've got three of these dead now, so it's pretty obvious that in the cruel community of rental customers (University Campus AV department) these can be fried without too much effort.  They took out a couple of EV SX80s at the same time.  I've got a couple of new woofers coming for the EVs and I'm trying to get new boards for the mixers, but if I can't them I'll ending up replacing the whole unit.  It's simply not worth my time to repair the boards.  So far people on campus have managed to blow three Behringer powered mixers, so I'm not keen on buying more. 

I'm not sure how they blew but I'm guessing they were clipping long enough to take out the speakers, and then the speakers blew the amp.  I'm thinking about dropping a line fuse on the speaker output of the repaired (or new if that's how it turns out) units.

Any suggestions would be welcome.



John Roberts {JR}:
Pretty much all powered mixers come with some "protection", based on the expected experience level of the customers (like little to none). That said you can never completely protect against what customers can come up with.

Besides Peavey, Yamaha and Mackie have multiple offerings. Yorkville is a pretty well respected Canadian brand.

I would expect any PM from any major manufacturer to be reasonably robust. I have no experience or expectations about Behringer.


Brian Larson:
If you would like to get any responses you may want to change your profile to your REAL NAME.

Christopher Young:

--- Quote from: Brian Larson on March 24, 2011, 03:29:13 pm ---If you would like to get any responses you may want to change your profile to your REAL NAME.

--- End quote ---

Done.  BTW I thought I would be prompted to do so during the registration process and when I wasn't I just figured I'd sign my name at the bottom.


Brian Larson:

We have an old Carvin unit at the shop that we let charities borrow. It's old and pretty badly beat up and doesn't sound great and isn't fun to use, BUT it gets the job done.

The best protection you have are your ears. (or whoever will be using it) Not even the fanciest processing can protect equipment that is being pushed passed it's limits.

Powered mixers really aren't a great idea to begin with. Powered SPEAKERS, on the other hand, work very well for the type of rentals you describe. Since the amp is perfectly matched to the speaker and all of the potentially dangerous wiring is done for you, there really isn't much that can go wrong with a powered speaker.

I understand that there are budgets, but consider the flexibilty and added protection of switching to powered speakers and a normal mixer.


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