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FS: Yamaha MX200-16 Mixing Desk


Yamaha MX200-16 mixing desk for sale. I have just tested every feature, and everything is in full working order. The only problem I can find is that three of the control knobs got lost at some point - I've replaced them, but they're not quite the same as the originals (see top right of pic).

16 channels, each has:
Switchable mic/line input, XLR and balanced 1/4" jack inputs
Effects send/receive
High, mid, and low cut/boost controls
Aux 1-4 send level
L-R pan
On/off, -20dB gain reduction, low frequency roll-off, and pre-fade listen switches

Outputs are:
Main stereo out
Mono out
4 mono aux send channels
Record out

Other inputs:
2x stereo aux returns
Tape input

Global on/off for phantom power (48V microphone supply).

$250 - I'm in Santa Rosa, CA 95404


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