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Gear for sale or trade need LS9-32 or X32 full


Tom Petrusky:
Everything is located in Elysburg PA, 17824 Everything is in 100% perfect working condition, can leave the truck and go right into working environment. Just need to free up some space and cash talks. Trades welcome on gear I need.

Want it cheaper make offers! I am open to all reasonable offers!

2x EAW 7" spare cones in perfect shape just kept as spares $80 each
1x Crown MA3600vz $900
1x Crown MA5002vz $1400
2x CSW Black Box 2x18 Subs Demo cabs used a few times for demo's $4.8k Pair includes casters and padded covers.
1x Rack Power conditioner $75
Also 4x DBX 1066 Compressors $175 each or all for $600
Also have a Ramsa wr840 in top notch condition.
4x Kilomax Pro 18a loaded boxes, two need recone, two are ready to go. 500 each good 300 each needing recone.
And 2.4k and 6k dimmers available for cheap in a rack or to split up.

Pics available!

trade for LS9-32 or X32 full
Looking for a d112 as well!


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