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Lots of varied gear for sale -


Dane Davis:
Greeting PSW;

I have been trying to lead a band and maintain sound gear while working a full time job... I regret that something has to give... I am going to sell off a considerable amount of gear... Open to serious offers... Can send some pics upon request

Shipping from 23692, and I travel fairly frequently, so some delivery options may be worked out in mid Atlantic region...

Some items will be individually sold, some only in sets;

Powered QSC HPR speakers;

Only in sets-
- Pair of QSC HPR 181 powered subs / HPR 153 powered tops: $2800 per pair/set have two pair/sets)
- Additional pair of QSC HPR 181 subs : $1600

- additional QSC HPR 153 top $600
- Four QSC HPR 112 monitors $450 each

EAW / Crown system, will sell as system only, not splitting... This is tuned and ready for use with any mixing console, have all Speakon cables and system ready, sounds incredible;

- Six EAW LA128, double 18" subs
- Six EAW JF560e 15" two way tops
- Rolling rack with:
- Three Crown I-Tech 6000
- One Crown I-Tech 8000
- One Furman 20amp power surge
- One DBX crossover
- NL8 cables configured for single cable run to each side, speak cables to extend
---------$16K entire system ready to go

- Presonus 24 channel board with road case $1800
- Behringer X32 with crappy road case $2000

- Audio Technica Wireless Mic set: four systems with four belt packs, and two hand held Mics plus central power supply for all four: $2000

- audio Technica IN Ear Monitor set M3: four complete sets with transmitter, receiver/belt pack, plus additional belt pack: $1900 for all.... Additional- sennheiser antenna combiner for In ear monitors above, will make good deal with purchase of IEMS

- Four Shure PSM 200 IN ear monitor systems, $250 each

- lots of varied snakes, cables, and associated gear - will have better inventory posted once weather warms up a little...

Serious reasonable offers considered; however, I am under no pressure to move this at lowball offers... Great gear, all in working order, just needs a good home that will use it more than me.

Please email me with questions or suggestions -


[email protected]


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