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FS: 12" trap cabinets


John Halliburton:
A project I built a year ago, but just don't need them for anything, so they've been sitting.  Now that I've invested in the Sound Physics Labs TD1 cabinets, these are even less of a priority. 
Here's the skinny.  Small 12" two way trap cabinet, all 18mm Baltic Birch plywood, dadoed construction.  Handle cutouts integrated into the front top and bottom as you can see in the photos.  Dual Speakon NL4MPR recessed cutouts on the back.  I will router pole cup holes on the bottom as part of the deal.  The recessed horn cutout is the QSC HPR 152i model available from Parts Express:

I have four of them new if you'd like them, I'll let them go for an extra $100.00 for them if you buy the cabinets.

Other than that, no other hardware is included except tee nuts already installed for mounting of the woofer and the horn.

The vented alignment is designed for an Eminence like the Delta Pro or Impero, but a Deltalite or any number of similar drivers should work pretty well.  Neo drivers top and bottom would make for a pretty light product when finished.

This is a good project for someone to finish off and put to use.

$500.00 for the four cabinets, plus shipping from the Chicago area.  Local purchase is fine too.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards,



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