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allen heath gl2800-24 and dbx outboard


Richard Turner:
audio work station. Would be perfect for house of worship or teen center. I can guarenteet this stuff will be still working long after the flavor of the month digiboard has been sent back in for repairs for the 3rd time.

This gear was installed in Q2 2011 and never moved.

Board Allen-Heath GL2800-24, this is a 24 channel 8 bus LCR console with matrix, 10 aux and 4 band dual swept mids eq per channel, still sells for $4000

Outboard is as follows with connecting cables
3x DBX ieq31
3x DBX 1066
1x DBX 1074
1x DBX 1076

Open to reasonable and legitimate offers, 5 cents on the dollar will not buy it but REASONABLE offers will be reviewed Loacted in eastern Canada, shipping can be arranged have original carton for the board and most of the rack gear. if you have an account most times shipping on your account is much more hassle free as having that way any shipping issues are handled without any back and forth.


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