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Yamaha PM3000, M3000a, Soundcraft MH3, GB8-24, Allen & Heath GL2200 For Sale


Adam Akers:
I am cleaning out my shop and making room for new gear and am wanting to sell several consoles.  I have a

Yamaha PM3000 40ch console with case and 2 power supplies.  I have gone through this console completely and have cleaned all faders and replaced all bad caps.  I have 2 spare input strips for this console. 

Yamaha M3000a 40ch console that came out of a church install. It fits perfectly in a crest console case that I had laying around.  It is a super clean console with one power supply.  I also have 1 Input ch card for this console. 

Soundcraft MH3 48 channel console that was a house console in a venue.  It is in a case, and has 2 power supplies. 

Soundcraft GB8-24  This console was used for maybe 20 shows tops in a small venue and spent most of its life in the closet in its case.

Allen & Heath GL2200 32 channel console without case.  This was the house board in a small 400 seat auditorium at a college and was used twice a week for maybe 3 years.  It also has the backup power supply as well as the internal supply. 

Feel free to make an offer on any of the consoles.  I am willing to drive up to 2 hours away from wichita ks 67205  or would be happy to ship any of them to you.  I will make you a good deal on any of these consoles.

I will try to get pictures posted some time this week.

Adam Akers


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