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FS: Single 18" subs (Harford Sound HS118A)


Selling off another round of my "famous" single 18" subs. These are the second and 3rd run of the subs. They have an improved port design from v1 and are fairly flat from 35-100hz(-6). They're 91lbs, 1200 watts program. Loaded with JBL 2241's. The cabinets are easy to tote around with one person, and they all have wheels. Exterior dimensions are 21.5x26x32. They're finished with a marine grade epoxy and are all in good condition. Standard wear and tear from a few seasons of use.

Asking $550/ea, based on what it cost me to build them. These are easily comparable to JBL SRX718's. I have 16 boxes available. Want large quantities? Let's talk!



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