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ATI DP100 Interface


Rob Bernstein:
Basically converts unbalanced outputs to balanced.
$60 shipped in the CONUS.
"Convert unbalanced IHF inputsvia RCA phono jacks J1 and J2 into transformer balanced 600 ohm XLR outputs at J3and J4. The RCA inputs are RF bypassed and diode protected from excessive level.Panel gain controls R9 and R10 allow a reference +4dBm output to be set for inputsranging from less than .1V to over 1.0V and will allow many playback devices havingfront panel output level controls to be simply preset to their maximum. The input stagesA1-3 and A1-4 provide a stage gain adjustable from +8 to -24dB. Output stages A2-1and A2-2 provide 14dB additional gain and the total isolation, faraday shielding, superiorbalance, improved RF immunity and ease of application of a true transformer coupledbalanced output. A unique feedback technique totally avoids the transformerscharacteristic limitations of high distortion, poor response and hum pickup. Typicaloutput distortion measurements made at both peak (+22dBm) and nominal (+4dBm)levels barely exceed generator residuals at .004% from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. Hum pickupfrom the power supply is non-existent and flat response is greatly extended. The outputis protected from short circuits but will drive over a half mile of shielded cable with lessthan 1dB of signal rolloff at 20,000sHz."


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