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iLive R72+idr32


Tim Tyler:
Allen & Heath iLive R72 surface and IDR32 mixrack, both bought new and in EC. 

-R72 is the rackmountable mixing surface of the iLive line.

-idr32 is a 6 RU mixrack (the "brains" of the system), mixing 64/32 channels in/out, 8 fully assignable stereo FX processors, more.

This includes a Gator G-Tour rack case for the R72 and an 8 RU rack for the idr32 and the short cat5 connector. 

This system is very versatile with freely assignable inputs and outputs, 8 Stereo FX processors, 16 DCAs, 8 Matrix, etc. 

Asking $7500 OBO for all, plus shipping.


-Tim Tyler

(804) 272-8235
[email protected]

central Va


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