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FS: Whirlwind W4 box, Gator case, and more


Jason Raboin:
Cleaning out some extra stuff...

Whirlwind snake box with 48 inputs and 10 returns to W4.  All working.  $350
Gator mixer case GX-2030-8-TSA.  Barely used. $175
DBX 160XT.  Works well.  $200
Peterson Virtual Strobe Tuner with clip on mic.  Like new.  $100
2 x Sonic Research ST-200 strobe tuner pedals.  Excellent condition.  $70 each
Pair of KRK V6ii monitors in good shape.  $450
BAE 6 space 500 series rack with 2 PSU. $300
A Designs Em Gold 500 series mic pres. $400 each
Single 15" bass cab loaded with  Eminence Kappa 15C.  I think it was made by Avatar but cannot find any marking.  I bought it new from Ebay a few years ago. $150.

Buyer pays for shipping via UPS or USPS from 01075.


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